Universidad Complutense de Madrid

The Distributed Systems Architecture Research Group at Universidad Complutense de Madrid is leading several research activities related to dynamic placement and scheduling of jobs (Globus GridWay Metascheduler), dynamic managment of virtual machines and on-demand access to Cloud providers (OpenNebula Virtual Infrastructure Engine), and federation of grid infrastructures (Grid4Utility). The results of the research have been published in more than 85 papers in the leading journals and proceedings in the last five years and incorporated in several technology products that have been transferred to the industry and the research community. The members of the group actively participate in several Open Grid Forum groups and in the Program Committee of the most important workshops and conference related to grid computing. The group is currently coordinating the Spanish Initiative in Grid Middleware and the Working Group on SOI and Grids of INES - Spanish Technology Platform on Software and Services; and is involved in NESSI. The group participates in the Globus Alliance, RESERVOIR, EGEE and BEinGRID projects.

Contact: Ignacio M. Llorente