Telefónica I+D

Telefónica I+D is the innovation company of the Telefónica Group. The IT Systems Unit of Telefónica I+D is leading several R&D activities related to Service Front-Ends, Service-Oriented Infrastructures (GRID & Cloud), Back-end Systems and Technologies for Enhanced Operation Processes, Pricing, Rating & new business models and Open Source. In the field of Service-Oriented Infrastructures the IT Systems Unit has been the coordinator of the FP6 NESSI-Grid[3] and BREIN projects researching on new challenges, target architectures and business models for the Enterprise Grid. By participating in the FP7 RESERVOIR and SLA@SOI projects and leading the Spanish Avanza NUBA project, Telefónica I+D is researching in defining a reference architecture and business models for IaaS Clouds, providing Service Management Middleware for dynamic provisioning of services and SLA management. The IT Systems Unit is member of the Steering Committee of the NESSI ETP, is co-chairing its SOI and User Services Interactions Working Groups and plays a leading role in the development of the Reference Architecture of the NESSI Open Service Framework through the NEXOF-RA project.

Contact: Jose Lopez