Darn Simple Cloud

Open source (Apache 2.0) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud distribution that is easy to install and easy to use.

Users - try it!

Users benefit from a more dynamic and customized computing environment, simplifying the execution of their scientific and commercial applications.

Data Centers - install it!

Resource centers deploying the software benefit from improved and simplified resource management.


StratusLab provides features for dynamic management of the typical computing resources of a IaaS cloud. But it also provides additional features to simplify image management and federation of the cloud.

  • Compute - fast provisioning, low-latency start-up
  • Storage - EBS-like persistent writes, snapshots, etc.
  • Network - public and private networks
  • Uniform, flexible system for authentication and authorization
  • Image Marketplace for trusting and sharing machine images
  • Tools for simplifying image creation
  • Facilities for federating StratusLab cloud infrastructures

All of this, out-of-the-box! If you need other features, let us know or modify the open source code to suit your needs.


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